Still life

Art and Fascination

Hetty Ansing invites you to step into her fascinating world of the still life, painted in Acrylic.
Acrylic is a surprising medium that can be used for modern Art as well for an almost fragile and classical setting.
For many centuries the still life is an interesting and highly appreciated artistic source for many Art painters.
Hetty Ansing paints her subjects in a contemporary way with a light classical tough.
By doing so her paintings are also applicable to a diversity of interiors.

She likes the subtle way of painting in fine brush strokes, the details, expression of materials and atmosphere.
In this way her inspiration and expertise shows her professional skill.
On this site Hetty shows just a few paintings as an example of her increasing collection.
At her home address she shows you a variety of subjects and measures in the right entourage.
When you prefer to take note of her recent collection, please look at contact.