Art and Fascination


Would you like to possess a beautiful portrait?
Apart from a good artistic representation there is also understanding required to give the portrait a natural look.
Please feel free to submit me your wishes and you will receive a personal and free advice.

Maybe you want a portrait of yourself or of your family members. An anniversary, wedding day or a goodbye party are also appropriate moments to choose a portrait as a gift.
Sometimes there is the desire to possess a portrait of a deceased loved one.
In that case it can be challenging to collect the right material to achieve a good-like and vivid memory. I have developed a large experience and skills to owe you a hand.

What painting technique?

Watercolor has a more transparent appearance where acrylic approaches the appearance of oil paint


During a personal contact I make a series of photos. That gives me the opportunity to use my observations in the painting. In this way I can make suggestions for optimal results.
Sometimes personal contact is not possible, for example in case of a deceased person. Also when the gift has to be a surprise contact might be not preferred. In that case I like to receive the available material in a reinforced envelope.
Then I will contact you to discuss your request.

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